Turning your History into a Story

Portrait von Yvonne Steiner
Yvonne Steiner about "Storytelling" - Audio 1:23

Content Consulting

For me and an independent team of experts, communication means working with you to identify newsworthy information - past or present - about your company or organisation.

We use our expertise to develop alternative ideas in public relations and corporate communication, creating emotional content that allows your voice to be heard amongst the wider public or a particular target group.

We research, we interview, we write, we tell stories. And because this content is independent of your product advertising, your message is retained in people’s minds more effectively, for longer.

The 100th anniversary of the Latin American Association in Hamburg (LAV) in 2016:

To develop a strategy and a permanent tool that portrays the rich history of the LAV and its members in an unexpected way, conveys knowledge emotively and generates positive publicity on an ongoing basis.


An emotional, journalistic journey through the decades under the memorable slogan ¡Tanto Tiempo! We’ve known each other a long time... – an intricate, multilateral platform that uses multimedia to present commercial success and intercultural diversity.

International art and culture project “Moments – No Stories!”

Creation of an alternative, continually available exhibition platform to promote intercultural dialogue by reaching out across the world.

A multimedia platform that surprises and reveals. Thematically arranged online photo galleries don’t just impart knowledge, they also offer prompt the reader to engage with this knowledge. Written in English to facilitate the exhibition’s global “tour”. Open to further online exhibitions, for example for organisations and companies seeking intercultural engagement through alternative PR approaches.

Content Creation

We research and develop concepts to help you address the issues of the day; we write considered contributions and develop online exhibitions to enable the public to identify positively with you as an employer or organisation.

We act as your editors and producers; we disseminate multimedia information in words, pictures and sound, both online and in print.

We are supported in our work by a professional team drawn from different creative disciplines.

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Yvonne Steiner talking with Arthur Darboven, Benecke Coffee, Hamburg - in German available only

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Yvonne Steiner in the interview with Christiane Laibach, DEG Köln- in German available only


Companies, particularly the many traditional family-owned firms in Germany, not only have a wealth of historical resources or personal values they wish to communicate, they are also socially committed.

This clearly sets them apart from the competition. And this distinction in their corporate activities also needs to be communicated to the outside world in a unique way. Stories have always inspired people.

For an effective approach to corporate communication, we always recommend storytelling as an informative and entertaining form of presentation.